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A complete solution in transforming your water location to a sustainable energy production site. Enabling your sustainable and financial targets.

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We are pioneers in the world of solar energy and innovative energy

Floating Energy, part of the Sunprojects consortium, wants to contribute to the sustainable development goals of 2030 and beyond. The basis for the floating solution design is finding the right balance between the environmental and societal impact. By combining the experience within Sunprojects with innovative engineering, Floating Energy took part in several national research pilots.

Within these pilots, independent research organizations are investigating the effect of wind and waves on the system performance in addition to the ecological effect of the Floating Energy solution. This approach ensures our partners of implementing a proven, state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly system.

Important partners in serving our clients are: Soventix, Solaris Float and Sunprojects.




We build a sustainable future

A Floating solution

You will receive the best solution for your specific water location based upon our vast experience in floating PV

Global expertise

Our International team and broad network of partners will deliver any project in respect to your local conditions

Turn-key approach

The entire proces from start to maintaining the system will be handled by one party, ensuring you that the final solution fully meets your needs

Reliable performance

Your floating energy solution will be build with A-brand components, installation- and monitoring services, hence an optimal performance is secured

Sustainability challenge

By transforming your water location into a sustainable energy production site and stimulating biodiversity, your company is proving it’s social responisbility


By including biodiversity promoting techniques in the design, the net result will be better flora and fauna conditions

Important partners

How we operate

Steps of cooperation

Project Development

All the necessary preliminary steps will be taken care of: legal, technical, ecological and stakeholder evaluation


Feasibility study of the project & elaboration of the business case and all documentation to facilitate a succesfull funding


Legal, technical and financial due diligence to establish an installation agreement


Deliver a full operational system by installing and connecting the system to the grid


Securing the performance of the system by 24/7 monitoring and maintenance

Recent projects

Working towards a sustainable future

Together with owners, authorities and partners, innovative floating solar projects are and will be realised

Mission and Vision

"To support you in your contribution to the energy transition by generating floating solar energy projects in such a way that respects: environmental, people and financial goals"

What's happening at Floating Energy?

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