Please in my backyard, yes!

Please in my backyard, yes! The general trend, particularly in the media, is that the vast majority of society is increasingly aware that renewable energy will become an increasingly prominent part of the energy supply. The government also stimulates this through the multiple schemes including the SDE++. In addition, there are the innovation promoting schemes […]

How do I help my panel cool down in the summer?

Cooling down solar panels You can probably imagine that a dark panel gets hot in full sun. Unfortunately, a warm panel produces less power. Because of the negative temperature coefficient, the voltage drops as the temperature rises. Is there anything we can do to give such an overheated PV system a helping hand? Arnoud van […]

Publication Grondzaken

Publication Grondzaken The application of Sun of Water Arnoud van Druten, co-founder of Floating Energy talks about the application of Sun on Water. It can be concluded that Sun-on-Water projects as part of sustainable area development are a serious interpretation of the sustainable objectives of the various RES regions. The technical advantages or additional yields […]

Government must continue to invest in floating solar

Government must continue to invest in solar on water systems Water surfaces with lower ecological values such as dredging depots, sand mining lakes and basins at treatment plants are ideal for floating solar. But one can also think of newly created islands (as for example in the IJsselmeer) with various destinations, including solar energy. In […]

Solar 365: How emerging is Floating PV in the Netherlands?

How emerging is Floating PV in the Netherlands? Every week, publications appear about yet another larger floating solar farm being put into operation. And also in the Netherlands, projects are coming up that can easily compete in the World League of floating solar parks. The announced 100 MWp project at De Slufter in Rotterdam is […]

Pilotstudy – Oostvoornse Meer

Pilotstudy Oostvoornse meer Pilotstudy – Oostvoornse meer Within Floating Energy the Floating PV solution with floating solar islands continues to develop. We participated in the trial on the Oostvoornse Meer. Three systems are being tested on their performance in terms of yield, ecologic impact and stormworthiness. The trial is being conducted by TNO in collaboration […]