Floating Energy is constantly improving and adapting their solutions in response to the changing needs and available technologies. Only in this way we are able to be the EPC/PPA/Technology party that fully enables your sustainable and financial targets.

Currently we provide the following solutions:

  • Sun tracking islands
  • South oriented solar islands
  • East west oriented islands
  • Battery storage


Optimizing the yield

By using the sun-tracking or east west solution, the yield per panel or the installed capacity per area is optimized


Optimizing the yield by enabling the cooling effect of the water: open spaces underneath and between the panels. Thus, facilitating the wind to remove the warm air around the panels.


Transparency of the system to enable the direct or indirect light to penetrate the water. Hence maintaining the balance in the ecosystem as much as possible.

Modular design

The entire design consists of modular components. Complete systems will be configured in line with the local circumstances such as power of wind, wave heights and water conditions. This flexibility allows rightsizing the Floating Energy solution.